Bubble Shooter Games: A Stress Buster

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Lots of people today actually enjoy themselves playing a mobile game after a hard and stressful day. It is also a fact that a lot of people today are very much into puzzle games.

Puzzle games are available in vast numbers where some of them are accompanied with action and require some cognitive thinking in order to complete a level.

The best game type on the market that fulfills all of the above criteria is the bubble shooter game where it is combined with strategy, action and also with a puzzle. A game like this is actually very beneficial because it has all these three features present and is also an addictive game for you to play with. These game have also evolved greatly and are available in different versions.

Basically the goal is to use your mouse to point and shoot bubbles up into the group that is descending upon you. If you get three or more bubbles in consecutive alignment they pop. You can see what the next color bubble you'll have to shoot is, so choose wisely where to aim if you have more than one possible target. Proper planning will in fact be able to effectively give you much effective attacks.

Halloween Bubble Shooter

If you have missed your target or have shot a bubble at the wrong place, you are actually making the situation worse because it will stack up to the bubbles that are slowly reaching your base. Having made the wrong move will in fact place you in a situation where it will be harder for you to play effectively. When you are in a bad situation, you are actually making yourself prone to losing your life in the game.

Today, you can find a lot of bubble shooter games available in different variations. There are now the presence of power ups which helps to make the game more exiting.

Bubble shooter games are definitely one of the best games that you should never overlook these days. This is because you will certainly be able to relieve yourself from stress because of the fun and excitement that it is able to give.