What's happening at the MGA – HQ?

Hello Subscribers! There has been a lot of talk lately about the social gaming industry. Whether it's a new platform launching fun 1vs1 games or team led fantasy sports. There is a lot of movement going on in the social gaming world right now. So, you might as well add this announcement to the pile:

We are coming with an all new tournament based platform consisting of fun HTML5 browser games.

We have already hosted a library of over 100+ New Games and we will be updating them every month. Going forward our focus is going to be on delivering the same kinds of elegant but addictive puzzle and action games you remember us for but made with HTML5. This means that new games will be mobile ready and you can play them on our site from your phone! Seriously, go ahead and try some of the new games now. With a focus on fun, new HTML5 content we have launched games like Jelly Pop, Pingu & Friends, Stack Jump, Handless Millionaire etc. which you can play on any device whenever you want. You can find these in our new Premium Games section, check it out! Besides our new Puzzle Games, Action Games and Free Games section, we've also taken the world of social gaming head on. Mobile Gaming Arcade will feature a series of tournaments running live simultaneously for few hot shot games. All our loyal users can buy tickets to access these tournaments and play unlimited times within the tournament duration. The leaderboard shall decide the highest scorers who will some exciting prizes.

Free Games

So, there it is: Mobile Gaming Arcade is launching Tournaments soon. We've got mobile-ready versions of all games we know you love, new HTML5 games you haven't played yet, the best online games. We're also going to be using this blog section to drop the latest news on what we're up to, game tutorials, the occasional top ten list and fun articles about various HTML5 game formats and other cool stuff.

The Future of Match 3 Games

Puzzle games and especially match 3 puzzlers have been in the limelight of mobile game top grossing lists for as long these lists have existed – and it seems that they are not going anywhere. This, of course, might not surprise many of us: match 3 games are easy to learn, simple to play and don't take much of your time to get that sweet, addictive feeling of accomplishment.

To put it short, mobile platforms and match 3 puzzlers fit together like peanut butter and jelly. But how does the match 3 genre look today and what does the future have in store for it? Are we going to keep crunching those same candies happily ever after, or is there some kind of evolution and change looming in the horizon?

Before diving into the success factors of Match 3 puzzle games, let's first check out, how match 3 puzzlers are nowadays divided into two main “archetypes”.

1. Single-dimensional

The simplistic casual ones, with only one layer of the core game. In these games, it's all about connecting pieces on the board (cakes, candies, fruits, monsters -you name it!) by swapping, shooting or linking them. Levels follow each other in a strictly linear way – you complete a level and are then thrown right into the next one. There are no characters, buildings, gear items or other “layers”, it's just you, the board and an endless string of levels ahead of you. The gaming sessions are independent of each other, meaning that there is no link or plot to tie the levels (and you progression) together. Due to the simple nature of these match 3 puzzlers, we call them “single-dimensional match 3's” or just “SD3's”.

Candy Super Match 3

2. Multi-dimensional

The more complex match 3 puzzlers with two or more layers of the core game. These games usually bring RPG or CCG elements to the table to expand the game's core and lure mid-/hardcore players on board while doing so. You get to explore dungeons, fight monsters and develop your party, just like in RPG and CCG games, but now the fighting is carried out with a match 3 puzzle mechanics. We call these games “multi-dimensional match 3's” or “MD3's”.

Puzzle & Dragons mixes RPG elements with Match 3 core, making it a “MD3” game

Both types have the potential to be successful – also in the future

If you look at the top grossing charts of the biggest western markets from the past year or so, you can see that there are success stories in both of these subgroups: Candy Crush Saga and its younger sibling Candy Crush Soda Saga have been standing on the pinnacle of US top grossing charts for a while now, while games like Marvel Puzzle Quest and Puzzle & Dragons have also found themselves grossing very well.

Monsters Match 3

One might argue that at the moment, the SD3's have the upper hand. The point I'd like to emphasize here is that in the current markets, you can hit it big, whether you go with more casual match-3 or come up with a RPG/match 3 hybrid, because the demand for both of these genres exists.

The key is to include the right set of features and implement them in the right way so that the game fulfills the needs and wants of today's AND tomorrow's markets. That's what separates the success stories from the ones that you have never heard of.

Bubble Shooter Games: A Stress Buster

Lots of people today actually enjoy themselves playing a mobile game after a hard and stressful day. It is also a fact that a lot of people today are very much into puzzle games.

Puzzle games are available in vast numbers where some of them are accompanied with action and require some cognitive thinking in order to complete a level.

The best game type on the market that fulfills all of the above criteria is the bubble shooter game where it is combined with strategy, action and also with a puzzle. A game like this is actually very beneficial because it has all these three features present and is also an addictive game for you to play with. These game have also evolved greatly and are available in different versions.

Basically the goal is to use your mouse to point and shoot bubbles up into the group that is descending upon you. If you get three or more bubbles in consecutive alignment they pop. You can see what the next color bubble you'll have to shoot is, so choose wisely where to aim if you have more than one possible target. Proper planning will in fact be able to effectively give you much effective attacks.

Halloween Bubble Shooter

If you have missed your target or have shot a bubble at the wrong place, you are actually making the situation worse because it will stack up to the bubbles that are slowly reaching your base. Having made the wrong move will in fact place you in a situation where it will be harder for you to play effectively. When you are in a bad situation, you are actually making yourself prone to losing your life in the game.

Today, you can find a lot of bubble shooter games available in different variations. There are now the presence of power ups which helps to make the game more exiting.

Bubble shooter games are definitely one of the best games that you should never overlook these days. This is because you will certainly be able to relieve yourself from stress because of the fun and excitement that it is able to give.

Racing Games: From Past to Present

Racing games have been around for decades, but the genre has changed quite a lot. If you're looking to improve your driving skills, here are some basic tips you can apply the next time you get behind the digital steering wheel.

1.Games Have Changed, but the Concept Is the Same

As technology has advanced, it's introduced true-to-life graphics, exceptional gameplay physics, and a much more realistic batch of racing games. These days, there are hundreds of variables to consider while trying to gain the advantage, but one thing has remained the same – make it to the finish line first or beat the clock to win. This applies to almost any racer you get your hands on. Crossing the finish line first is almost always the solution to winning in a race.

2. Knowing How to Handle Your Car Is the Key to Victory

Becoming familiar with your racing game's controls is key to achieving victory. Additionally, each game offers its own unique set of options, so knowing them and tweaking them to your advantage is a must. The easiest way to get acquainted with the controller setup is to practice in-game. If there are options for changing your controller layout, set it to something you're comfortable with.

Crazy Car

3.Know the Type of Racing Game You're Playing

There is a huge difference between arcade racing games and simulation racing games. The biggest – and probably the most obvious – is that an arcade-style racing game will play more freely, while a simulation racing game is much more structured. It shows how racing games are evolving and it serves as a prime example of the range of gameplay types available in just one game.

4.Racing Lines – Keep Them Clean and Tight

A racing line is basically the ideal route to take while driving on a track and it includes such tactics as cutting corners and veering to the left slightly before a right turn so you can maintain higher speeds. You can learn these tactics as you play and become familiar with the various courses, tracks, and routes.

Racing games can initially be difficult to master, but if you follow the suggested you can quickly and easily improve your play. Good luck, and don't forget to keep your eyes on the road!