Computer Gaming vs Mobile Gaming

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The fast evolution of Mobile gaming is catching up with the gaming experience of Computers. But is it ever possible that mobiles can compete with Pcs, regardless of the great milestone achieved by the mobile gaming industry?

Read on to find out the ace cards up the sleeves of both gaming platforms and who fins the final battle!

The Better Platform

Gaming on Smartphones isn’t as unrealistic and lousy as it used to be a decade ago, as they are becoming extremely powerful and innovative.

Mobile phones are using the same technology as PC RAMs are using – the DDR4 technology RAM. Along with the screen size gets bigger, the graphics and resolution are also getting enhanced. The engines which were used to develop PC games are now made available even for mobile.

4k Gaming and Graphics

As the industry of PC games is now shifting from 1080p resolution to 4K resolution, mobile games are unable to compete with the high graphical power of PC gaming even with its rapid development. Despite mobile’s gigantic updates and advancements, PC’s are heading with powerful CPU’s having AMD’s latest 32 core processors. They even have more raw power of DDR4 RAMs from 32GBs. So PC is the clear winner in this category.

Cost of Software and Development

PC gaming is all set to become more affordable than ever when talking about Crowdfunding. Keeping this in mind, it’s likely that PC games will dethrone mobile games in matters of cost of games, software, and development. On the other hand, in terms of the game price to the category of hardware, mobile gaming easily wins the competition with flying colors.

Regardless of the make or model, most smartphones today are compatible with a variety of mobile games. However, gaming on a PC needs some specific hardware to play the trending online mobile games without lagging, let alone the upcoming AAA-titled games.

Gaming Experience and Peripherals

On matters of gameplay experience and peripherals, both mobile gaming and PC gaming are on the same footing. There are  “controllers” of smartphones and tablets that allow you to play to the heart’s content if you prefer one. The same is the case for PC gaming. This is where one can hook a controller to get more control over the game.


While both gaming platforms provide the same VR gaming experience, there is no doubt in mobile VR being significantly cheaper and more affordable as compared to VR gaming on a PC. However, the only drawback will be in graphics when it comes to the overall gaming experience.