Online Gaming

In this age of having access to the internet, online gaming has become one of the major parts of life. Barring age everyone uses the platform of online gaming. But first to answer the bigger question of what is online gaming, is that games played on any device ranging from computer to mobile phones with access to the network.

Online games vary from simple mind stimulating, card games to extremely complex and violent games, and many more. These online games can either be downloaded on the devices or played on various websites. With benefits like improving the memory muscle, communication, social skills but a user also need to tread carefully as online gaming like any other platform comes with its drawbacks such as cyberbullying, theft.

Online gaming gives users the luxury of playing a single-player game or can allow multiplayer settings to get involved with many other players. Users can interact with the players they are playing with, also it allows the players to use the real tender money in some games. These perks can turn into a series of crimes or can affect a person's mental health in a matter of minutes or seconds if not used responsibly.

Therefore whether or not you are using all its perks or it is always in the user's interest to enjoy it to the extent where the safety is not being compromised.