The unseen consequences of online gaming

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As time is of the essence, it is becoming difficult for people to keep themselves indulged in regular engaging activities aside from work so they lean on online or network-based sites to go on with their days. This is where online gaming comes into play. Online gaming provides a platform for people to get over there dull , introvert and not so confident self. In most cases, this purpose serves right by the people but in a few cases, it leads to a change in their behavior and personality which is not ideal for them. this is what needs to be discussed.

On these platforms, some people choose to become a different self, and this doesn’t necessarily mean the best version of themselves but the worst. The changes that are likely to occur if it is impacting you negatively are depression, anger, lack of confidence while in a public gathering, cyberbullying, theft. Cyberbullying Is one of the leading crimes that is of today. Many individuals divulge themselves to such extent that they don’t realize or admit that they are getting sick mentally.

Past few years have seen the black side of online gaming as people consider there and other lives less valuable than the game. Suicide is one of the major outcomes of it. It is necessary to have control over the time spent and the way the games are structured and played. This is what needs to be dealt with. These consequences can be avoided by monitoring the actions which are done in the game and proper verification of an individual.