Online gaming during pandemic

It is anticipated that consumer behavior is changing in the recent event of the coronavirus. People all over the world are confined to only the four walls of their homes, trying to combat the disease. One example of this change is discovered in the gaming world. All the EU5 categories have seen an uplift.

 Between April 6 to 12, 2020, in comparison with the days between January 13 to 19, 2020, it was seen that visits went up from 19% in the UK and Germany, to 44% in Spain. However, this spike is not very surprising in digital gaming activity, what would one do in times like these then find new distractions to fill their time?

 Europeans are spending considerably more time on online gaming and apps, despite the pressures of work from home and home schooling.

 Talking on a granular level, there are two sub-categories in gaming. One is the gaming information and the other, online gaming. The former consists of gaming news, forums where avid users learn about games and game strategies, and lastly, review sites. The latter has all the sites/apps where now the users can directly access the actual games and play either on single or multiplayer mode. Candy Crush and The Sims, for instance.

 Free online games and sites have seen a rise by 19% and the gaming sites have broken all records, peaking with a 94% rise in France.

This only suggests one thing, consumers are quite enthusiastic during the lockdown and are brushing up their gaming and social skills quite well!