Why are arcade games best for children?

There is a frequent question that is on the round these days. Why are online arcade games best suited for children, and what are the most suitable ones?

When considering an arcade game a variety of factors come into play, such as the hand-eye coordination, use of strategy, and of course, the universal need for patience and attention. Now I’ll talk about how and why each age group of kids tends to be attracted to an arcade game. 

Usually, children between the age of 3-5 will enjoy any game that involves motor skills that are simple and large and the press of a button, and a splash of colors. Examples include:

  •  Skee Ball
  •  Monster Drop
  •  Racing games
  •  Whack N Win

Coming to children between ages 6-9, this age group is more inclined towards free games that are simplistic, but at the same time challenging in terms of hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and logic to manipulate the outcome. Examples are:

  • Basketball
  • DC Super Heroes
  • Wizard of Oz
  • Racing games
  • Crane Games

Older kids from 10-14 enjoy games with a more challenging level of skill and great prizes. In short, video games and air hockey tables are made for them! Examples include:

  • Video games
  • Basketball
  • Flying Tickets
  • Down the Clown
  • Connect Four