How online gaming has benefited from Covid 19

In today’s time, the gaming world has taken such a drastic turn that it's seeing popularity in terms of survival games, keeping in mind the Covid-19 health scare. There is a drastic increase in the rate of time spent online. And for obvious reasons today, online gaming companies are profiting from this upsurge.

According to a report by Google-KPMG, by 2021, the online gaming segment will be at a whopping $1.1 billion. Among the top five gaming markets in the world, India stands with over 300 million gamers. This rate seems to only be multiplying.

 Ewar is a gaming app started by Parth Chadha, founder of E-war Games, in January 2019. It offers around 20 online mobile games including Ludo, CandyJam, Knife Dart, and more.

 It is pointed out by Kawoosa that the gaming industry has been a big focus for smartphone makers, especially for devices costing more than Rs 15,000. He states that “Smartphones will keep on adding further gaming capabilities”.

 The skill that the players acquire gives them the ambition and confidence to go for real money gaming. Today, gaming has the ability to fully stand out as a profession in itself. This, out of all other things, might just be one of the biggest advantages of online gaming.