Online gaming: Issues and Solutions

Online gaming is the most current trend that has not only taken the interested and attracted children but also adults. Online gaming is ubiquitous, can be played on multiple platforms and is played with the help of the Internet. The range of the free online games available is enormous and differs on the basis the level of complexities it carries.

Mobile gaming is a subset of online gaming. Mobile gaming has become popular in the 2000’s and affecting this generation majorly. Like every situation, even online gaming has its pros and cons, on one hand online gaming helps in eradicating stress, removes anxiety and helps you to connect with people/gamers worldwide through the gaming platform which also helps in improving communication skills and increases multitasking abilities whereas on the other hand gamers can also be subjected to the horrid and negative arena wherein the gamers can be a target of cyberbullying, violence and can also be a gaming addict.

 Excessive online gaming also has health hazards associated with it which can have adverse effects on the gamer’s body and mind. Also, A few online games have an issue of not being able to use the permanent play feature, wherein they have to purchase a game/license of a game in order for the gamer to use and function the game properly. Kids also download a few online games from un-reputed sites and end up getting viruses to the system being used. A few of these tips can be kept in mind, to handle the situations before it worsens.

Firstly, to make sure of downloading or playing games from trusted sources like Mobile Gaming Arcade. Secondly, don’t fall into the trap of sharing personal information, file a complaint if being pressurized. Lastly, set a schedule as excessive usage of anything is bad so fix slots for online gaming so that you can monitor yourself and don’t get too much indulged in it.