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Car Physics BTR-80

Car Physics BTR-80


Can you reach your destination? Cross all the troubles, reach the victory. You are a soldier. Reach to the destination to win the war. Let the tank not be destroyed and kill the enemies for winning the war. The tank can be controlled to go forward and backward with its acceleration. The pickup of the tank is much faster than usual. In the game, you have to face many barriers that you have to cross by making the combination of both buttons at the same time.

 In the game, you are given some coins that you need to collect. The other thing that you have to analyze is the fuel. You are given a certain fuel that you have to use until reach to the next fuel pop up bonus. This pop-up bonus is given there in the way and if you would reach there, you would get the fuel full to the bar that is given at the left upper side.


Single Player Game
You can rise across obstacles
Fast-paced gameplay
Smooth flow on touchscreen
Play in full screen by pressing the full screen icon. You can find the full screen icon in the top left corner of the game.


It is a HTML5 web/mobile browser game. You can experience it on Android & iOS devices.


Racing >> Cars

Release Date



Sartaj Ansari