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Cars is the ultimate arcade challenge. Any racer with half a helmet and a high-powered supercar can zip through oncoming traffic. A real professional can control two cars at once. You’re not just cruising down main street, either - there are plenty of barricades in your way. Nimbly edge your way around them as you pick up stars to earn points.

To make this game even more challenging, if you miss even a single star with one of your cars, you lose! That’s why we love this arcade racing title - it’s ridiculously hard and fun at the same time. If you can score five points, you’re pretty good. Ten points has definitely earned you bragging rights. If you can score fifteen, you might just be a Cars legend.


Single Player Game
You can drive super fast
Fast-paced gameplay
Smooth flow on touchscreen
Play in full screen by pressing the full screen icon. You can find the full screen icon in the top left corner of the game.


It is a HTML5 web/mobile browser game. You can experience it on Android & iOS devices.


Racing >> Cars

Release Date



Sartaj Ansari