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Swat VS Zombies

Swat VS Zombies


The only thing standing between order and chaos in a world overrun with zombies is this fearless SWAT team member. He’s fighting his way towards a laboratory that could hold the secret to stopping the madness. Can you help him battle the undead and collect cash to buy tons of incredibly awesome weapons in this blood-soaked action game?

Kill or be killed! It’s one or the other! It's the breathtaking confrontation for mankind's survival! Stay frosty! The tension never lets up as you move to the second half of the stage! Feel the intensity! Join the S.W.A.T. team and kill all the zombies. You must protect the last remaining safe zone. Shoot all the guns at an endless zombie horde! Use bombs too! A new defense game that offers sniper mechanics as well.


Single Player Game
Easy yet an engaging experience
Fast-paced gameplay
Smooth flow on touchscreen
Play in full screen by pressing the full screen icon. You can find the full screen icon in the top left corner of the game.


It is a HTML5 web/mobile browser game. You can experience it on Android & iOS devices.


Action >> Shooting

Release Date



Sartaj Ansari