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Tank Wars

Tank Wars


Prepare yourself for another intense battle! Tank Wars is a multi-directional shooter game that wonderfully features some notable retrospective elements.  The goal is to take control of your tank and destroy all the enemies in the battlefield while preventing your base from being conquered.

The game prompts you to a maze-like battlefield similar to the classic Tank Battalion where you can freely navigate and destroy walls. You can hit the enemies from afar using your infinite ammo but the fire rate may vary depending on your level. The round is cleared when all the tanks are destroyed. Occasionally, you will encounter power ups that randomly appear on the field. These items will grant you certain abilities that make you more efficient in the battle and also to increase your chances of surviving.
Do you think you have what it takes to become the next Tank War Champion?


Single Player Game
Easy yet an engaging experience
Fast-paced gameplay
Smooth flow on touchscreen
Play in full screen by pressing the full screen icon. You can find the full screen icon in the top left corner of the game


It is a HTML5 web/mobile browser game. You can experience it on Android & iOS devices.


Action >> Shooting

Release Date



Taruna Sinha