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Friday Funday

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How to Play

  • As the hero of Ranger vs Zombies, you’re not one to panic. When word of the outbreak made it to the local saloon, you calmly finished your poker game, grabbed your gun, and sauntered out into the daylight to face those snarling zombies. 
  • This is your home, and they’re not going to take it! No tricks or mysteries here – simply blast every zombie you see before they can make it within biting distance.
  • Of course, you could just spray bullets all day, but eventually, you will need help to handle this many enemies. Thankfully, you can command the elements to give you a boost. 
  • Send deadly shards of ice, fire balls, or even bolts of lightning to smite your foes! 
  • When the dust settles, it’s either a pile of dead zombies, or a ranger for lunch – that’s how this Ranger vs Zombies game settles the score.

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